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5 Popular Blog Writing Techniques - We will learn more about how to write articles that are of particular interest to novice bloggers. It is undeniable that blog articles are the most important part of the blog itself. 

Because the article on our blog is as a result visitors want to linger. 

So, not because of the appearance based on your blog but the content based on your blog. Namely the article. But creating articles is not as easy as when you create a blog. Creating a blog is very easy. 

Only with a gmail account you are also able to have a blog. This interesting thing is what caused many people to want to be a blogger, thinking that making a blog is easy. 

But they have not yet realized that being a bloggers is difficult. Need to continue to be well developed in writing articles that are liked by readers and become a Popular Blog.

Being a blogger is not easy. If there is someone out there saying that being a blogger is easy then it can be ascertained if that person is a fake blogger. 

 5 Popular Blog Writing Techniques

The contents of his blog are only fulfilled using Copas (Copy Paste) articles, while the originality value in his blog is not even 1%. Maybe it means it's easy to copy paste times ...

Explained How To Write Interesting Blog Articles, Beginner Bloggers Learn Here

In fact, while it may not be easy, but if your initial intention is to really want to be a successful blogger then the first thing to keep in mind is the Articles you are looking for. 

Blogger mania friends don't have to follow the wrong way like they do. One of the most erroneous ways when dealing with global bloggers is to rewrite or rewrite.

Some bloggers out there only work to rewrite articles based on a person's ideas. 

So, the interesting article is not because Blogger Friends are able to rewrite then the results are more impressive according to others. 

Can be proven when you publish the article does not get significant visitors, 

This is because visitors already know what you are writing because they have read something similar before. That's one big failure that you do when you want to become a blogger. 

Because Blogger Friends cannot receive the attention of readers, because readers will linger and will always look for your blog when what you serve is fairly new, informative, quality & of course interesting to them.

The most important thing is how well you are able to get their initial attention. Getting the first impression that the word Likes & being able to accept is the only way through the blog articles you create.

When you add your experience with learning based on bloggers who are already successful, of course there is a lot of experience & knowledge that you can get. 

Unfortunately for accepting holistically based on the experience of this successful blogger as a dilemma for newbie bloggers,

because sharing knowledge well sharing knowledge, but of course that does not mean all are able to get Blogger Friends easily, even though there are those out there who want to make it clear about the pattern of success, certainly not overt,

still convoluted, adventurous who only makes it difficult for beginner bloggers to digest what they are supposed to do.

But not from Blogger mania. Today I will tell you to make an interesting blog article to be your initial capital so that you can become a famous blogger later.

Writing Interesting Articles

In making a blog article the most primary thing you must pay attention to is who the article was formed. 

Not based on you then for you too. That is why the articles formed must really have a strong appeal so that a reader can guess that it is useful.

Take a look at every article that is owned by a blogger who is successful ...

Of course you agreed when I revealed that the entire contents of their blog are interesting ...

If not, then maybe Blogger's friends will follow in their footsteps.

This happens because the principle of a blog is character, while the character is able to form because the content is based on articles on the blog.

There is no no and you must do it if you want to be successful, for example them. Creating even articles will be difficult if you first know the definition of the article. 

It must be delicious to read, honest, useful, informative, non-stale & even more crucial that the articles you publish through your blog are original.

5 Popular Blog Writing Techniques

Then how to create so that your article can be said to be interesting? Pay attention & enter insights now. Begin to open a new post & follow the following guidelines.

1) Original, Starting from the idea until the contents

The quality of an article starts based on its authenticity. We know that something genuine will certainly be good-looking. Whatever the form is when the article is indeed original then there will be no other thing that can argue that it is very good.

But some beginner bloggers always underestimate this. Instead of sharing the credibility of writing, they are more honed in their ability to cheat.

Remember when you were in school, cheating is not recommended. Even if you find out you can get a penalty.

So the first way you should pay attention is to maintain the authenticity, originality of the article that you make.  

No matter what you are discussing, the way you present it, when it is first published it will certainly be as excellent. 

According to this you can then accept the reader, because the reader is looking for something on the internet for their solutions because people who use search engines assume that Google is a repository of news, so becoming a blogger Friend's job is to add the news earlier.

Why? Because if you do this, then you will be able to be a plagiarist, when you are fascinated by what you read then that's where you think to do the same thing. 

In this case you create a similar article using them, starting from the beginning to the end, even though Google doesn't need that. 

What is expected is a unique content, useful for poly people. Not the same article.

You might say that you rewrote, Not copy paste, But the same. The value is not weighted.

..Want example ??

Blog A made an article with the title 4 How to fix a personal computer infected with a virus and then you rewrite it. 

Changing the title, changing the position of the explanation points, but the value is the same because you did not add what could be their solution. You just rewrote.

As a visitor, I will say that I have read it and it didn't work.

This is where visitors look for other blogs with incompatible solutions offered by other bloggers.

You should have it because that's when you have a great opportunity so that your article can be considered useful and quality for many people.  

How to do it ?? It's easy. Create a new article, not in harmony with the way the lighting is, and you believe that what you have to offer is capable of being a solution to their feud. 

In this case you have to provide something new, what is in sync with your capacity. It doesn't matter what you are good at as long as it's new and first and for you.

Try to pay attention to what you are reading at this time. When you see the title, you certainly don't rarely see through other blogs, right ?, But I'm sure the contents are not the same.

2) Writing For Humans

Many beginner bloggers are only fixated to view SEO techniques because some of them think that if they are able to understand a little about SEO, they can become successful bloggers. 

Even though it's a big mistake! Although SEO is indeed very important for a blogger but to be able to become famous not only because of SEO.

For investigating your seo then trapped ...

Because of this you forget about who the article was made for.

Is it for search engines? No, it's for humans. Therefore, as a beginner blogger you should first forget about SEO, but first sharpen your writing skills.

Each time the Google algorithm continues to be updated, because Google looks for content that is not chasing rankings but is looking for fresh and mutual content. 

Because of this, Google then made a massive update on its algorithm so that the user's convenience remained prioritized.

Remember to use the google fred algorithm? 

So according to that blogs that have popups, only prioritize ads, only prioritize SEO and then find a decrease in ranking. This is because the convenience of non-users is involved using both.

So, according to an interesting article, the point is not only what you serve, but you also have to work on your visitors' condition. Reader convenience.

3) Don't Make Your Readers Sacrifice

Be Careful Using Article Title. Because the title of a person feels himself a victim. Because the title of some people will be wasted time uselessly. 

Because they visit pages that have synchronous content promises in the title. However, some bloggers out there still use this method. It's called the bait coupling technique.

Clickbait is a teaser title Generally, click trap techniques, this method is a fraud against the reader because what they visit is not synchronous using their wishes & imagination when you first read the title of the article that you created.

The click trap, for example, is very easy to do because the title will be able to use anchor text & links that are not aligned, that is, when the title that we make is not appropriate to use its contents.

If the title does not synchronize the content, it is obvious that it will be believed to be a fraud & violation of the code of conduct because the reader is disappointed. Furthermore, the credibility of the blog that you have will plunge freely! The reason is, search engines know if you do something that harms the reader.

Tips based on me, do the mandate, do not make your readers as victims but start making articles with the same contents using the intent according to the title because it is a crucial role for being able to make interesting articles.

4) Avoid Alay Language

Do you want to be a professional blogger? So according to that don't ever use Alay language.

Your visitors will not only be from one group, not just fellow alay people, but everyone who needs facts in sync using what they are looking for. 

This also goes against the law of search engines. Want search engines to be able to find your blog then give them the words that have been embedded in their solving procedures. 

Search engines work to find queries, matches, as well as dictionaries, therefore, when you write an article in your blog you should make it non-language that search engines do not understand but instead, use the correct vocabulary.

5) Don't Confuse Your Visitors

Your blog visitors must be able to understand what they are reading. So based on that, the task of Blogger Friends is to write articles that are as far as possible to not confuse the reader. 

This reader is sometimes unsettled what to do because the articles that you make are too many frills. 
For example, bold is scattered in each paragraph, italic also very varied even you often repeat the same sentence. 

This is because you suspect that seo like that right?

Using repeated sentences then you believe the keywords you use will be more powerful, with lots of bold & italic your articles will also be stronger later. 

Now back again to Blogger Friends . Did Blogger Friends who created the article understand? Even though you made it. So, remember the stages .... Your article must be easily digested & appear natural so that readers can easily understand what you mean.


Writing interesting articles is a very big capital and should always be prioritized,

But make it also must be true. True to the meaning you write purely. Thank God himself, his own work becomes the most basic capital. 

Therefore, always do not forget to prioritize visitors so that your articles can later have character, 

when your article is able to attract the attention of the readers at that time you are already in a safe zone. Now, it's time to enrich your blog with useful articles.


HOW TO SELECTED BLOG SEACH ENGINE - how quickly indexed Google or indexed by other search engines on other blogs / websites, 

As for these SEO tips, there have been many reviews by bloggers and SEO experts, but here I will review from the experience that I have followed in this blog.

Friends of Blogger Mania The key to successful blogging is that it must first be in the search engine. 

After being in the search engine we provide relevant ads and advertisements that are placed to be clicked by visitors.

Ways to Get Articles / Posts Quickly Indexed by Google , Yahoo and Bing, lots of questions from visitors about how to get articles or posts on blogs quickly indexed by Google or indexed by other search engines (search engines) on other blogs / websites, 

As for SEO tips so that blog posts / articles appear quickly in the Google index, this has been widely reviewed by bloggers and SEO experts, but here I will review them with the experience I know.

How to index Google's Fast Search Engine

Indexed by the search engines and the things that are important for the progress and development of your blog / website, but not in the blog index you will be lonely visitors and will die even if you are dead and still buried in content, like content and still buried, as if you were buried, and still buried in content like content. 

well this is where SEO knowledge works so that the content on your blog is recognized and indexed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines because only about 60% of visitors will come from search engines, there are several techniques or strategies that should be applied quickly to be indexed. .

How To Get Blog Search Engine Indexed

Friends of Blogger The key to the success of blogging is that it must be the first time in HOW SELECTED BLOG SEACH ENGINE

Indexed by the search engines and the things that are important for the progress and development of your blog / website, but not in the blog index you will be lonely visitors and will die even if you are dead and still buried in content, like content and still buried, as if you were buried, and still buried in content like content. 

well this is where SEO knowledge works so that the content on your blog is recognized and indexed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines because only about 60% of visitors will come from search engines.

There are several techniques or strategies that you must implement to be quickly indexed, including the following:

1. Daftarkan Sitemap kе Search Engine Google/Bing

2. Link Building For Quick Search Engine Indexed Posts

3. How to quickly indexed Google with Social Bookmarking / Social Media

4. Internal Linking in Blog / Website Pages

5. Ping a website / blog to call Google / Bing spiders

6. Comment or Blogwalking

7. Regularly update your blog / website content

1. Daftarkan Sitemap kе Search Engine Google/Bing

A sitemap is also a table of contents that explains what is on your blog / website, a sitemap here is not a table of contents as on the page but a sitemap in the form of XML, 

XML will be a language that is only understood by search engines. For Wordpress users, it is possible to create a sitemap with plugins, and for Blogspot users, it will be integrated, as shown below.

http://ajatshare.blogspot.com/sitemap.xml http://perikanan38.blogspot.com/atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500 


Sіlаhkаn submit sitemap аndа pada Google Webmaster Tools, untuk Bing/Yahoo ѕіlаhkаn submit kе Bing Webmaster Tools

2. Link Building For Quick Search Engine Indexed Posts

To quickly be indexed you must build links to your post pages, don't just look for links leading to the homepage, look for dofollow links that lead to your content. 

This will also make your blog become popular and trusted in the eyes of search engines, search engines like Google are very happy with blogs / websites that have a DoFollow link that is relevant that leads to your blog page.

3. How to quickly indexed Google with Social Bookmarking / Social Media

One way that is fast so that your blog is indexed by search engines by sharing your content on social bookmarking sites. 

Many Social Bookmark sites are found now like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Linkedin, etc. or Indonesian social bookmarking sites such as Infogue, Lintas.me, Debuk, etc. After that, the blog will also get traffic from the social media site.

4. Internal Linking in Blog / Website Pages

If you want new pages on your site to be indexed quickly then internal linking will be very useful. 

Mention the new page with the anchor text link, and update the page that was previously indexed by including the link to your new page (make sure the discussion on your previous content matches with your new content).

Linking your site pages is not just about building an external backlink. 

What is important is that it will also build links on your website (internal linking) that will remind search engines of the presence of new content on your site.

5. Ping a website / blog to call Google / Bing spiders

Ping was originally a method for bloggers to warn search engines of new content on their blogs. 

However, it has grown in just like anyone and can use it to update (update) not just a blog but also a traditional website

Pinging is a useful tool that alerts search engines and directories for updates in your content.

There are many online ping service sites available. Some of the best I know are:

pingoat.com pingler.com pingomatic.com

6. Comment or Blogwalking 

Blogs with active readers and lots of new content will be crawled regularly on search engines, by commenting on blogs like that and then you will get an impact from its popularity and will get your own pages indexed quickly. 

Try commenting on recent posts on blogs that are well known and have a high ranking, this is an effective way to get a new page indexed (when you page on the site) when commenting on the page (when the page is on the site) when commenting on the page (when on the page) when commenting on the website (when the page is on the page) when commenting on the website (when the page is contacted). only.

7. Regularly update your blog / website content

Make sure you update your site regularly, fresh content is important to get new pages indexed. If the content on the blog is stale, the search engines will not regularly crawl your blog, 

On the other hand, if you keep your blog fresh and updated (despite updating the index page), search engine spiders will keep coming back. 

As the reason why many blogs have good rankings and their content is indexed quickly, it is simply because the blog owner is updating their sites with new content with fresh content.

Those are some tips on how to get blogs indexed quickly by search engines / search engines according to my experience, because there are shortcomings and suggestions that can be submitted through comments.


HOW TO EFFECTIVE AND LEARN USING GOOGLE ANALYTIC -  How do you use Google Analytics? Many have not been able to maximize the role of Google Analyst for the development of web or blog friends blogger mania,

Google Analytic is one of the tools that can provide you with good access to see the activities on your blog. The problem is that there are many bloggers who don't know how to use it. So this time I will explain the benefits of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics will provide useful statistical data, knowing how many users visit the website, from which they come, and who do it on the website. You can see it online in the Google Analytics Dashboard.



on the Analytics Dashboard, as you have to be able to read and interpret data, you should also be able to make improvements from the data that is presented. 

why do people exit the website (Bounce Rate) from our Social Media Ads, which is wrong? content of the ad?, Image ad?, The website page has been taking a long time ?,

Website pages that are not relevant with advertisements? and others. Or you can see the website visitor user and you make a purchase after a week of seeing your ad on Google. 

because we usually create a tracking link to find out from which users visit our website.

Why Google Analytics

For fellow bloggers who are new recruits in the online digital world tracking one of the things that is confusing and will definitely take a lot of time to learn.

Therefore, it is better for friends of blogger mania to understand the basic and basic before using any particular application. Including Google Analytics.

Google Analytics includes Google services and Google Analytics is a free service from Google that displays visitor statistics from all websites. And Blogger Friends mania can maximize your friend's site by maximizing your friend's blog site.

What's interesting about using Google Analytics is blogger friend mania can see and search for visitors or visitors 

Both queries, regions, search engines, advertisements, pay-per-click networks, email marketing and also links that are in PDF documents.

If integrated with AdWords, Google Analytics will also be useful for analyzing the effectiveness of AdWords ads installed on Google.

With Google Analytics, users can find out which advertisements and keywords are the most connected to the user's website.

The Google Analytics application is used to determine traffic density on a website or blog.

In using the Google Analytics service, a friend of the blogger mania can create reports or reports on the traffic website or blog on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

And to register with Google Analytics, someone only needs to have a Google account.

Sауа assumes that a friend of blogger mania ѕudаh has a Google Analytic account. Jіkа bеlum then tіdаk need to further read this article. 

Sіlаhkаn best blogger mania to read the article on how to sign up for Google Analytic first. 

As for those who already have an account, let's get started right away. The discussion will be divided into 2 main points:

- How do you use Google Analytics to observe visitor characters?

- How do you use Google Analytics to observe article performance?

# 1 How do you use Google Analytics to observe visitor characters?

Just log in and you will enter your Home Account from Google Analytics. Click the blog account that you will observe its activities.

There will be a dropdown that brings up the account name, just click once again.

You will be brought into your blog page, in the Visitors Overview session. On this page you will see a large graphic that shows the rate of increase in blog visitors from day to day.

If you are just learning SEO, then don't panic with the curves not going down, because that's very natural. It happens not to go down every week. It's the peak of Tuesday and Wednesday traffic, and the lowest traffic of the week on Saturdays and Sundays ... so relax.

Next, there will be reports that people have visited your blog since the tracker code was installed, and underneath there is a detailed explanation of that number.

- VISITS is an explanation of the entire visit

- UNIQUE VISITORS or the number of visitors does not take into account the return visit

- PAGEVIEWS is the number of pages that are read

- PAGES / VISIT will be the average page that is read per visit, the greater the value, the better your article is. 

If you have not tried writing articles with a more interesting style of language, and do not solve one problem in one article, you should explain it in other articles (direct visitors to open other articles)

- AVERAGE VISIT DURATION is how much time or time is used per visit

- BOUNCE RATE is the percentage of visitors who only read one page. The smaller the value, the better, 

- Percentage or% NEW VISITS is the percentage of new visitors who come to your blog. That is the rest of the loyal blog visitors who come many times.

Blogger Mania's friend was also given a Graph, a pie chart analysis that aims to show some new visitors and some visitors who returned for the umpteenth time. 

New visitors signify the success of your offpage optimization, while returning visitors signify the success of your article quality. 

Normally, it's 80:20, if it's less than 20 percent, it means that it needs to improve the quality of the article.

In addition to the Tools Tools used, there are other improvements in Demographic, System, and Mobile that will show you the origin of the visit, and the characteristics of the gadgets used to visit your blog.

Thus Google Analytics presents the Visitor Character data. Hopefully you will understand how to use Google Analytics for your needs. Make simple questions like: 

Why did they not open one page? Why they rarely come back? Why did they not even read the article for a while?

If you don't find the reason, try asking on Facebook forums, or on Yahoo! Answer to find out who is wrong with your blog.

# 2 How do you use Google Analytics to observe article performance?

- In the right sidebar select CONTENT then OVERVIEW.

In the section that OVERVIEW you will see 10 best-selling articles from your blog.

Click on the right sidebar PAGE TIMING, and a new table will open showing the 10 articles along with their bounce rate. 

Look at the article at the top, and make sure the bounce rate is below 80%. 

Too bad if the best-selling article will not lead visitors to open other articles.

If you also know how to use Google Analytics to see visitor activity and article performance. You can use that knowledge for various purposes. 

As an example, if you are an online businessman, you can use this to increase sales. And With Increased Sales Then Income or income will increase even more.

But if blogger friends are still confused and don't know yet how to increase sales revenue, so just read the article How to Increase Sales with the help of Google Analytic? ... Hopefully this will help.


Google is also a United States company that is best known for its search engine which is also called Google.



Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) was founded on September 7, 1998 in their friend's garage room in Menlo Park, California. In February 1999, the company moved to offices at 165 University Ave., Palo Alto, California before finally moving to "Googleplex" at the end of the year.

Search engine

Google is a search engine on the Internet based in the United States. Google is one of the most popular search engines on the web and receives at least 200 million search requests every day through its site and the websites of its clients such as American Online (AOL). Google's headquarters is (in "Googleplex") in Mountain View, California.
Early History of Google
Icon Google


Google began as a research project for two Ph.D. Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin in early 1996 developed a theory that by using basic search techniques that were used at that time. 

This system was originally called BackRub because it uses backlinks to estimate how important a site is.

Convinced that the pages with the most links to such pages from other relevant web pages are the most relevant pages, Page and Brin decided to try the thesis as a part of their search engine. They officially formed their company Google Inc. on September 7, 1998.

Google has become popular among Internet users because of its simple and 'clean' design and relevant search results. Ads are sold for a number of keywords so they become more relevant for users, and advertisements are required to use the text correctly so that page designs remain neat and page loading remains fast. 

The concept of selling advertising for a number of keywords begins with Overture which was once named GoTo.com. When most other dotcom companies went bankrupt, Google quietly strengthened its influence and made a profit.

In September 2001, Google's ranking mechanism (PageRank) was granted an American patent. The patent was officially given to Leland Stanford University and included the name Lawrence Page as the creator.

In February 2003, Google bought Pyra Labs, the owner of Blogger, a pioneer website and weblog hosting leader. This acquisition does not appear consistent with Google's general mission, but this step makes Google can use information from blog posts to improve the speed and relevance of articles in Google News.

At the height of its heyday in early 2004, Google took care of 80 percent of all search requests on the Internet through its websites and clients such as Yahoo !, AOL and CNN. Google share down since Yahoo! released Google search technology in February 2004 to be able to use their independent search results.

Related Articles About Google History.


unique name, unique history

I don't know anyone with Google. For all the cyber surfers, it must be familiar with Google. Google is famous for its search engine in the jungles of cyberspace. 

All that needs to be done is to type the desired password then Om Google will track and search for any information you want.

Google with two "o" is unique, because if the search results data is found, the number of "o" will appear as many as the Web obtained by the search engines.

The word Google comes from the word Google. The word was coined by Milton Sirotta, Ponakan Edward Kasner, a mathematician from the US. Sirotta made the term Googlo to mention the number 1 (one) followed by 100 digits 0 (zero), because that is the use of the word Google is a reflection of the word Googlo.

But you know, Google is not only unique from the origin of the word. Google also has a unique historical background. Google was born from a meeting of two young people who happened accidentally in 1995. 

Larry Page, an alumnus of the University of Michigan, who was enjoying a weekend visit, was intentionally brought together by Sergey Brin, one of the students who was given the task of escorting around Lary.

During the deliberate meeting, two of Google's founders were involved in a lengthy discussion. Both have different opinions and views so they are involved in debate. 

However, their differences of thought have resulted in a unique approach to solving one of the biggest challenges in the computer world. Namely, the problem is that we recover data from massive data sets.

In January 1996, Larry and Sergey began collaborating in the creation of a search engine that was named BackRub. A year later a unique approach to their network analysis lifted BackRub's reputation. The news about the new search engine technique instantly spread throughout the campus.

Larry and Sergey continued to perfect Google technology as early as 1998. Both of them also began looking for investors to develop Google's technological sophistication.

Tit for рun be welcomed. They got an injection of funds from campus friend Andy Bechtolsheim, who is the founder of Sun Microsystems. The meeting took place early in the morning in the foyer of the Stanford faculty student dormitory, in Palo Alto. Larry and Sergey gave a short demo because Andy did not have enough time.

After the demo, Andy agreed to provide financial assistance in the form of a check for US $ 100,000. Unfortunately, the check was written at the name of the Google company. Yet at that time a company called Google had not yet been founded by Sergey and Larry.

Investment from Andy became a dilemma. Larry and Sergey could not have provided a check as long as before there was a legal institution called the Google company. Therefore, the two Google founders are back to work hard in finding investments. 

They are looking for funders from family, friends, and colleagues until finally collected funds of about 1 million dollars. And finally, the Google company was founded on Sept. 7, 1998 and was officially opened in Menlo Park, California.

Google's mission is, "to gather world information and make it universally accessible and useful." Google's philosophy includes slogans such as "Don't be evil", and "Work should be upfront and that challenge should be fun", illustrating the relaxed corporate culture.

Currently, Google is a number one company in the top 100 companies that are most in demand in America, with around 10,000 employees.