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HOW TO EFFECTIVE AND LEARN USING GOOGLE ANALYTIC -  How do you use Google Analytics? Many have not been able to maximize the role of Google Analyst for the development of web or blog friends blogger mania,

Google Analytic is one of the tools that can provide you with good access to see the activities on your blog. The problem is that there are many bloggers who don't know how to use it. So this time I will explain the benefits of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics will provide useful statistical data, knowing how many users visit the website, from which they come, and who do it on the website. You can see it online in the Google Analytics Dashboard.



on the Analytics Dashboard, as you have to be able to read and interpret data, you should also be able to make improvements from the data that is presented. 

why do people exit the website (Bounce Rate) from our Social Media Ads, which is wrong? content of the ad?, Image ad?, The website page has been taking a long time ?,

Website pages that are not relevant with advertisements? and others. Or you can see the website visitor user and you make a purchase after a week of seeing your ad on Google. 

because we usually create a tracking link to find out from which users visit our website.

Why Google Analytics

For fellow bloggers who are new recruits in the online digital world tracking one of the things that is confusing and will definitely take a lot of time to learn.

Therefore, it is better for friends of blogger mania to understand the basic and basic before using any particular application. Including Google Analytics.

Google Analytics includes Google services and Google Analytics is a free service from Google that displays visitor statistics from all websites. And Blogger Friends mania can maximize your friend's site by maximizing your friend's blog site.

What's interesting about using Google Analytics is blogger friend mania can see and search for visitors or visitors 

Both queries, regions, search engines, advertisements, pay-per-click networks, email marketing and also links that are in PDF documents.

If integrated with AdWords, Google Analytics will also be useful for analyzing the effectiveness of AdWords ads installed on Google.

With Google Analytics, users can find out which advertisements and keywords are the most connected to the user's website.

The Google Analytics application is used to determine traffic density on a website or blog.

In using the Google Analytics service, a friend of the blogger mania can create reports or reports on the traffic website or blog on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

And to register with Google Analytics, someone only needs to have a Google account.

Sауа assumes that a friend of blogger mania ѕudаh has a Google Analytic account. Jіkа bеlum then tіdаk need to further read this article. 

Sіlаhkаn best blogger mania to read the article on how to sign up for Google Analytic first. 

As for those who already have an account, let's get started right away. The discussion will be divided into 2 main points:

- How do you use Google Analytics to observe visitor characters?

- How do you use Google Analytics to observe article performance?

# 1 How do you use Google Analytics to observe visitor characters?

Just log in and you will enter your Home Account from Google Analytics. Click the blog account that you will observe its activities.

There will be a dropdown that brings up the account name, just click once again.

You will be brought into your blog page, in the Visitors Overview session. On this page you will see a large graphic that shows the rate of increase in blog visitors from day to day.

If you are just learning SEO, then don't panic with the curves not going down, because that's very natural. It happens not to go down every week. It's the peak of Tuesday and Wednesday traffic, and the lowest traffic of the week on Saturdays and Sundays ... so relax.

Next, there will be reports that people have visited your blog since the tracker code was installed, and underneath there is a detailed explanation of that number.

- VISITS is an explanation of the entire visit

- UNIQUE VISITORS or the number of visitors does not take into account the return visit

- PAGEVIEWS is the number of pages that are read

- PAGES / VISIT will be the average page that is read per visit, the greater the value, the better your article is. 

If you have not tried writing articles with a more interesting style of language, and do not solve one problem in one article, you should explain it in other articles (direct visitors to open other articles)

- AVERAGE VISIT DURATION is how much time or time is used per visit

- BOUNCE RATE is the percentage of visitors who only read one page. The smaller the value, the better, 

- Percentage or% NEW VISITS is the percentage of new visitors who come to your blog. That is the rest of the loyal blog visitors who come many times.

Blogger Mania's friend was also given a Graph, a pie chart analysis that aims to show some new visitors and some visitors who returned for the umpteenth time. 

New visitors signify the success of your offpage optimization, while returning visitors signify the success of your article quality. 

Normally, it's 80:20, if it's less than 20 percent, it means that it needs to improve the quality of the article.

In addition to the Tools Tools used, there are other improvements in Demographic, System, and Mobile that will show you the origin of the visit, and the characteristics of the gadgets used to visit your blog.

Thus Google Analytics presents the Visitor Character data. Hopefully you will understand how to use Google Analytics for your needs. Make simple questions like: 

Why did they not open one page? Why they rarely come back? Why did they not even read the article for a while?

If you don't find the reason, try asking on Facebook forums, or on Yahoo! Answer to find out who is wrong with your blog.

# 2 How do you use Google Analytics to observe article performance?

- In the right sidebar select CONTENT then OVERVIEW.

In the section that OVERVIEW you will see 10 best-selling articles from your blog.

Click on the right sidebar PAGE TIMING, and a new table will open showing the 10 articles along with their bounce rate. 

Look at the article at the top, and make sure the bounce rate is below 80%. 

Too bad if the best-selling article will not lead visitors to open other articles.

If you also know how to use Google Analytics to see visitor activity and article performance. You can use that knowledge for various purposes. 

As an example, if you are an online businessman, you can use this to increase sales. And With Increased Sales Then Income or income will increase even more.

But if blogger friends are still confused and don't know yet how to increase sales revenue, so just read the article How to Increase Sales with the help of Google Analytic? ... Hopefully this will help.

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